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A Childs Hymn_The Wreck.png
Published in Household Words vol. XIV (6 December 1856).

From The Pickwick Papers issue 10, ch. 28 (December 1836).

1844 A_Word_in_Season.pdf
Published in The Keepsake (1844).

From the autograph album of Maria Beadnell (1830-1831).

Published in 'Romance. From the Pen of Lieutenant-Colonel Robin Redforth,' No. III. Holiday Romance. Our Young Folks, vol.4, no. 1 (March 1868), pp. 193-200. Edited by J.T. Trowbridge and Lucy Larcom, p. 194.

To Henry Riley Bradbury, from the Bradbury album, a scrapbook of letters, sketches, drawings, prints, photographs, and printed ephemera (3 June 1847).

From O'Thello (1833-1834).

From Act 1, Scene 1 of The Strange Gentleman (Lord Chamberlain’s Copy, 1836).

From The Village Coquettes, An Operatic Burletta in Two Acts (1836). Music by John Hullah.

From Is She His Wife? Or, Something Singular! (Lord Chamberlain’s Copy, 27 February 1837).