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Speech at the Royal Academy Banquet (30 April 1870).

Speech at the Newsvendors’ Benevolent and Provident Institution Annual Dinner (5 April 1870).

Short speech after Dickens's final reading at St. James's Hall (15 March 1870).

Speeches at the Birmingham and Midland Institute Prize-Giving (6 January 1870).

Speech at a Gad's Hill sporting event (26 December 1869).

Speech at the Birmingham and Midland Institute Inaugural Meeting (27 September 1869).

Speech at the London Rowing Club Banquet for the Harvard and Oxford Crews (30 August 1869).

Speeches given at a Banquet in His Honour, Liverpool (10 April 1869).

Published in Our Young Folks, vol. 4, no. v (May 1868), pp. 257-263. Edited by J.T. Trowbridge and Lucy Larcom.

Speech at the Farewell Reading, New York (20 April 1868).