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Published in Household Words vol. XIV (6 December 1856).

From The Pickwick Papers, ch. 28, no. 10 (December 1836).

1844 A_Word_in_Season.pdf
Published in The Keepsake (1844).

From the autograph album of Maria Beadnell (1830-1831).

Published in 'The Schoolboy's Story,' Household Words, Vol. VIII, no. 196, New Year Number, 18 February 1854, pp. 409-13.

Published in 'Romance. From the Pen of Lieutenant-Colonel Robin Redforth,' No. III. Holiday Romance. Our Young Folks, vol.4, no. 1 (March 1868), pp. 193-200. Edited by J.T. Trowbridge and Lucy Larcom, p. 194.

To Henry Riley Bradbury, from the Bradbury album, a scrapbook of letters, sketches, drawings, prints, photographs, and printed ephemera (3 June 1847).

From O'Thello (1833-1834).

From Act 1, Scene 1 of The Strange Gentleman (Lord Chamberlain’s Copy, 1836).

From The Village Coquettes, An Operatic Burletta in Two Acts (1836). Music by John Hullah, pp. 17-18.