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Speech at an Administrative Reform Association Meeting (27 June 1855).

Speech given after a reading of David Copperfield and 'Mr. Bob Sawyer’s Party' (31 December 1867).

Short speech after Dickens's final reading at St. James's Hall (15 March 1870).

After a reading of A Christmas Carol in Sheffield (22 December 1855)

Short response to a toast at the Artists' Benevolent Fund Anniversary Festival (12 May 1838).

Speeches at a Reading in Birmingham ofA Christmas Carol(30 December 1853).

Toast at the Annual Dinner of the Hospital for Consumption and Diseases of the Chest (6 May 1843).

Speech at the School Ship, Boston (1 December 1867).

Speech given at a banquet in his honour in Edinburgh (25 June 1841).

Speech at the Athenaeum, Manchester, First Annual Soirée (5 October 1843).