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Toast given at the Artists' General Benevolent Institution Charity Dinner, Freemasons' Hall (24 March 1839).

Speech at the Literary Fund Anniversary Festival (3 May 1837).

Published inHousehold Words,Vol. IV, Extra Christmas Number, 25 December 1851, pp. 1-24.

Published inHousehold Words,Vol. II, No. 39, 21 December 1850, pp. 289-312.

Speech at a Gad's Hill sporting event (26 December 1869).

Speech given at the Garrick Club (22 April 1854).

Speech given at the Shakespeare Club dinner, London (30 March 1839).

Speech given at the Royal Academy Dinner (3 May 1862).

Speech given before a reading of 'Little Dombey' and 'The Pickwick Trial' (19 October 1859).

Speech given before a reading of 'Doctor Marigold's Prescriptions' and 'Mr. Bob Sawyer’s Party' (24 March 1868).