'Lodgings To Let'


From the autograph album of Maria Beadnell (c. 1831).


Dickens, Charles


Autograph Album of Maria Beadnell.



Bibliographic Citation

Dickens, Charles. 'Lodgings To Let.' Autograph Album of Maria Beadnell (1831). Dickens Search. Eds. Emily Bell and Lydia Craig. Accessed [date]. https://dickenssearch.com/verse/1831_Autograph_Album_of_Maria_Beadnell_Lodgings_To_Let.


Lodgings here! A charming place,
The Owner’s such a lovely face
The Neighbours too seem very pretty
Lively, sprightly, gay, and witty
Of all the spots that I could find
This is the place to suit my mind.

Then I will say sans hesitation
This place shall be my habitation
This charming spot my home shall be
While dear “Maria” keeps the key,
I’ll settle here, no more I’ll roam
But make this place my happy home.

A great advantage too will be,
I shall keep such good company,
So good that I fear my composing
Will be considered very prosing
Still I’m most proud amongst these pickings
To rank the humblest name. – Charles Dickens.