'Duet: Mr. and Mrs. Lovetown'


From Is She His Wife? Or, Something Singular! (Lord Chamberlain’s Copy, 27 February 1837).


Dickens, Charles


Lord Chamberlain’s Copy, British Library.
'Duet: Mr. and Mrs. Lovetown.' Is She His Wife? Or, Something Singular! The Letters of Charles Dickens. The Pilgrim Edition. Edited by Madeline House and Graham Storey. Volume 1 (1820-1839), pp. 698-699. Oxford University Press, 1965.



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A married life,
Is not all joy;
But noise & strife,
Its charms alloy.
Tho’ to please we do our best:
Misery’ll our life infest –
Nought is right we e’re can do,
But all is wrong – & all is rue!

Sometimes darling,
Oft times snarling
Now then pleasing
Then there teasing
Nought but care – and nought but strife
Oh, who would sigh for a married life.



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